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HAES 90 “Electric ray”

The HAES 90 “Electric ray” is a mini unmanned carrier and is intended to assure fast reconnaissance capabilities directly in a field. Recon soldier carries the “Electric ray” in a special bag.
General Characteristics of HAES 90 “Electric ray” V1.4
Primary function: Mini unmanned carrier
Prime Contractor: HAES Group (Hacker Model Production and Evolving Systems Consulting)
Power plant: Electric engine w/ propeller 2 x 500 W
Wingspan: 2.4 meters
Speed: 30 - 90 km/h
Ceiling: 300 meters
Range: 10 kilometers
Endurance: 60 minutes
Cost: TBD
Initial operating capability: TBD
Inventory: Demonstrators, 3; Active force, 0
Start is engaged manually throwing by hand. The carrier is powered by electric engines. Operation service is characterized by low noise and service range and is maximally 10 km. The data are transferred to operator that is using portable monitoring device IRS (Image Receiving System).
The carrier can be ready to flight in 5 minutes after reaching desired start point. For long-time missions, the carrier is equipped with an autopilot. Flight endurance is limited by battery capacity and is 60 minutes. After landing only 5 minutes is necessary to pack the carrier into a bag and then a recon soldier can imminently leave his position.
Three “Electric rays” have been built to date.
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This device is able to control on-board camera which is monitoring surveyed areas. Telemetry data describing a flight speed, an altitude and a location are sent from the UAV. This data are displayed using geodetic background which is included in portable device GDT (Ground Data Terminal). IRS and GDT terminals have own batteries and thus are independent on external power supply.
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