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Hacker Model Production inc. is a full service, high capacity provider of rapid prototyping and rapid production services. Utilizing the latest technologies, we produce top quality functional prototypes, presentation models, casting patterns and production parts in plastic, elastomeric and metal materials.
3D computer model
3D real plastic model
Description of the laser sintering process
With use of laser sintering technology, workmanship, qualification and experience, it produces samples and prototypes for various purposes
Construction of the parts takes place in layers based on the sintering principle using an inovate laser technology, quickly, accurately and economically. We process the CAD data that you provide for this purpose. A laser beam binds the powered sintering material. Every part geometry, regardless of complexity, is produced in this manner without the use of a special tool and is available as a functional prototype within a short period of time.
Tooth wheel
Aerodynamic housing
Machine Eosint P385
Parts come straight from CAD data
You can even do this in the development phase. Even the most complicated initial models can be developed as an "intermediate step" in advance. Changes in construction and design are incorporated visibly on a ongoing basis. This means greater readiness for the start of production even in earlier development stages. At  the same time, a sensitive sample results that is good not only for viewing, but also for realistic tests, since it is functional and fully-finished. It is even rapid for this purpose-practically overnight!
With its own physical features they are close to serial parts. On the bases of requests it is possible to provide them with a surface adjustment. The equipment is able to produce parts with diameters up to 330x330x600 mm. It is also possible to make larger parts separately and then stick them together.
It is possible to use parts for functional, assembling and dismantling, build-up, design and other tests in real working conditions.
For a production of a smaller amount of parts we prepare master model with surface adjustment. From this model it is possible to produce small series by method of vacuum casts to flexible form. There is only necessary time for making of this prototype, which is made within very short time in compare to classical "tool” methods.
Air induction piping
Aircondition piping
Shower divertor

Used materials:
polyamide (PA 2200)
polyamide filled by glass (PA 3200 GF)
polystyrol (PrimeCast 100)

The offer of surface adjustments includes e.g. painting in specific shade, chromium-plating  and other adjustments according to customer wishes. Delivery terms are usually 5 working days. Specific terms are solved regard to customer needs.
Palace of the modern architecture in Brno, scale 1:100
Palace of Media in Brno, scale 1:100
Body of the dialysis machine
Intake flange, polystyren model for wax casting
Driving wheel
Production of 3D models straight from 3D data:  fast - low cost - without form

Reflective light car part
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Pneumatic collet - 3d data
Pneumatic collet - finished part made SLS technology as one whole piece