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RESCUE Float Lite Version YELLOW

Artikl: HC2520C
Technical data: length 495mm, width 295mm, height 245mm More information...
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RESCUE Float Lite Version YELLOW (HC2520C)
RESCUE Float Lite Version BLUE (HC2520B)
RESCUE Float Lite Version RED (HC2520A)
RESCUE Float Lite Version WHITE (HC2520D)
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150,61€ with tax124,47€ without tax
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RESCUE float was developed by Hacker Model Production a.s. as a lifeboat for your ship models. There is no exception that the ship model during the ride stops in the middle of water area and for other reasons does not respond to commands from the transmitter. In that moment comes for modellers problem of how dysfunctional model bring to shore. Thanks to a rescue float RESCUE ending time when the modeler trying to get the model to the shore throwing stones or more, or less accurate throws fishing tackle with the fear that the weight will damage your model. Also, it is no longer necessary for the amusement of onlookers plunging naked into the murky and often cold waters. RESCUE float is made of EPP and designed as a simple boat with an air propulsion propeller located in the protective basket above the water and can thus extricate model even where there are no other means have failed. Material float ensures that your model when pushing toward shore harm. RESCUE float thanks to its deftness - can perform pirouettes around its vertical axis - is destined not only for the rescue ship models, but in his spare time, you can entrust the children to play. Its potential to combat for water ball is still waiting for her award.
Kit contains: All the parts needed to build the model, including motor and propeller. Items needed: RC Set with at least 2 channels FLYSKY FSI6 No.:HC4101, ESC 22A, Best.Nr.: HC3370, Accu pack LiPo 3S 2300mAh No: HCTA45C2300, 1x servo No: HC4348, CA glue with CA kicker, basic tools.

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