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TANGO RTR Competition sailboat RG 65 with Servos

Artikl: HCB2556RTR+
TANGO RTR+ Your partner on the road to victory with built-in servos!

Don't miss the opportunity to own a RC sailboat that excels in every way- was developed in collaboration with the world's leading RC yachtsmen! TANGO RTR is your ticket to the world of top-tier racing and carefree sailing. Join the elite and experience speed like never before. Maximum Speed and Performance: Designed for speed, TANGO RTR will not disappoint you on any racing course. Immediate Readiness: No tedious assembly required. The sailboat is ready to sail right out of the box. Competitive Standards: Fully compliant with the rules of the RG65 International Class Association - https://rg65.org/class-rules/ . Versatile Use: Ideal not only for regats but also for recreational sailing. More information...
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TANGO RTR+ Your partner on the road to victory with built-in servos!


1 Tango hull made of fibreglass laminate in white.

1 Carbon fiberglass keel with balast

1 Carbon fiberglass rudder

1 Carbon Rig with Klasik A 3D sails installed

1 Carbon Rig with Swingrig A 3D sails installed.

1 1 Master Force A4806HB servo - sail control

1 Master Force 1109HB servo mounted - rudder control

1 Set Dacron stickers

The hull is equipped with a mast mount for Classic and Swingrig sails. The keel mount, servo holders and other hull equipment are made by SLS 3D printing technology from high quality polyamide 12.The sails are made by thermoforming and is designed for the widest possible range of use with regard to wind conditions. It can be successfully operated in a wind force range of 0 - 10 knots The RG65 class is currently the most dynamically developing category in the radio-controlled sailboat space. The development of communities in countries around the world is best demonstrated by the list of countries represented in the RG65 International Class Association. https://rg65.org/national-representatives/ To date, boats have, with few exceptions, been produced amateurishly to plans or in small batches to meet the needs of a small circle of users. As a contribution to the development of the RG65 category, Hacker Model Production a.s. brings the TANGO model to the market. Its concept was developed on the basis of many years of experience of many excellent RC yachtsmen from several European countries. The development of the hull was carried out in cooperation with experts in the field of hydrodynamics and functional tests were carried out for more than a year to achieve an optimal result. The sails has also undergone several revisions, and when properly adjusted the boat achieves excellent results. The concept of the finished boat (RTR, ARTR) came from the demand of those interested in RC sailing who prefer a finished product that will bring them joy and satisfaction without spending time building it. Warranty and after-warranty service is also a matter of course. In our e-shop you will find a wide range of spare and tuning parts.

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